Here you will find a bunch of unreleased music including some new work, live performances, unreleased albums, experiments, side projects, outtakes, orphans, and rejected works. The work spans several years and there is considerable variation in the style and approach to these projects.

All tracks are mp4 encoded at 192 kbps.


Still Life (almost)

Spirits I Have Known

Live at Cave 12

Sometimes in Scandanavia

Applied Metabolic Adjustment

Altzero 2

Live performance at 21 Grand, Oakland, CA. February 12, 2007.

Continuing experiments in zombie-themed soundtrack music. 2007.

Live performance at Cave 12, Geneva Switzerland, October 7, 2006.

Projects and experiments with Eric Holland. 2004.

Rejected radio composition. 2003.

Previously unreleased album. 2002.

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