Altzero 2 (Album)



These tracks were created using the sound sets I designed for Squid Soup's interactive Altzero project. The recordings began as a means to test the potential mixes and combinations of the varoious sound sets - everything had to work together in multiple combinations. One of the pleasant surprises from this exercise was that these improvised mixes sounded nice on their own! I put together a series of the more interesting tests plus some additional, more deliberately composed tracks to create this Altzero 2 album. It has never been released until now.

Check out the Altzero Website here. You can navagate this and other Altzero projects.


1. Altzero 1
2. Altzero 2
3. Altzero 3
4. Altzero 4
5. Altzero 5
6. Altzero 6
7. Altzero 7
8. Altzero 8
9. Altzero 9
10. Altzero 10
11. Altzero 11