Applied Metabolic Adjustment



This work was created in reply to an invitation to make a work for a UK radio program. The producer, uncertain if the text should be taken seriously or not, was ultimately "not that taken by it", so the piece never aired and was shelved until now. It is presented here in its original form, including the accompanying text and frequency chart used.

This one hour coctail mix of bio-energetic frequencies is designed as a homeopathic remedy for a variety of modern afflictions listed below. Additionally, sounds taken from television sets have been included to combat and block TV addiction, media thought control, and interlace-flicker post-suggestion techniques.

Sound therapy can modify and improve many kinds of health conditions, although not as effective as plasma or radio frequency radiations. The volume of the tones do not have to be loud; just enough to hear it.

Frequencies Used

Intestinal inflammation: 105, 791
Anthracinum (homeopathic anthrax nosde): 633
Hodgkin's Disease (a cancer of the lymphatic system that is both chronic and progressive): 552, 1522
Influenza (triple nosode): 421, 632, 1242, 1422, 1922, 3122
Chlamydia (a sexually-transmitterd bacterial infecton): 430, 620, 624, 840, 2213
Ear wax: 311, 320, 750, 984
Flu (triple nosode): 421, 632, 1242, 1422, 1922, 3122
Smallpox (an extremely contagious viral disease): 142, 476, 511, 876, 1644, 2132, 2544

Note that most of the frequencies presented here are derived from homeopathic nosodes (vaccines), allergens, sarcodes (organ therapy preparations), or cell salts. Some are derived directly from the specified ailment or substance. The distinction, however, appears inconsequential since bio-energetic frequencies should be effective in either case.


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