Static Room
2000 - 2004
Installation / performance
Static Room is a series of works which use visual static to generate an equally noisy audio component.  The resultant whole is a singlular audio and visual experience.  Various incarnations and excerpts of this project have been exhibited - single and multi channel installations, live perfomrances, and screenings.

Static Room begins with a "palette of video static: granulated washes, throbbing bands, and pixel fragments.  [Arford] then runs the video output through the audio input, producing a a matching gamut of noise: dense blasts, dirty pulses, and disintegrated drones. The translation is effected not by the conversion of color and sound to a neutral digital substratum, or by the idiosyncratic sensual associations of the artist, but is, rather, effected simply by the routing of the electronic signal and the medium of display.  Herein lies the true potential for a sound-art discourse steeped in a multisensory approach."
- Christopher Cox, Artforum
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