Airports for Lights, Shadows, and Particles

7' 15"


This is a very early work, made with primitive means. It was shot during a dreary grey week in San Francisco. I was unemployed and did nothing for seven days except wait for airplanes, helicopters and boats to glide past my studio window so I could track their path across the abandon grain elevators. All of the visual effects were created optically with old monitors and the editing was done assembly style, with the pause button. The soundtrack was made on a four track cassette recorder. I still like it, and have continued to expore themes that this early work touched upon. This is what wrote about it in 1996 - the last sentence still gives me goosebumps:

I don't know quite how to describe this video except that it stems from my fascination with mass and how it can seemingly defy nature. How awkward it seems to me, these streamlined cylinders of metal soaring through the air against gravity's pull. Giant hulks of metal resting on a fragile plane of water. I find it terrifying, this tension. There is always the potential for unspeakable disaster.

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