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Thanks to everyone who has contributed in any and every way to the creation, production, inspiration, and presentation of my work. It could not exist with out all of you!

Special thanks to:

Michael 9, Randy Yau, Chris Musgrave, Shrill, Greg Cowley, Dimitris Kariofilis, Kaveh Soofi, Naut Humon, Zbigniew Karkowsi, Francisco Lopez, Thomas Dimuzio, Lawrence Lee, Sue Costabile, Francisco Meirino, Fernando Sixto, Dajuin Yao, Helmut Schaefer, Maria Moran, Daniel Menche, John Duncan, Anthie Domi, Edwin van der Heide, Fredrik Nilsen, Christine Metropolis, Ruben Garcia, Giorgio Mortari, Scott Konzelmann, Mariam Rosales, Bob Condia, Vladimir Kristic, GX, Kazumoto Endo, Joe Colley, Kathleen Forde, Ars Morta, Sukhwant Jhaj, Doug Shaffer, Neils Peter Jørgensen, Paul Hagerman, everyone else I have accidentally left out, and most importantly, Mark, Mom and Dad.

Many thanks to everyone who, in the past and in the future, provided support, food, shelter, drinks, and smiles. There are so many of you!